About Metro-Area Ambulance Service
Metro-Area Ambulance Service, Inc. is a private locally owned ambulance service founded in April of 1983 to serve the cities of Bismarck/Mandan and surrounding areas with emergency medical services. Over the years Metro-Area Ambulance Service has grown into a truly Advanced Life Support Ambulance Service, providing 9-1-1 emergency transports and long distance transfers.
Our Mission
We are committed to providing the highest quality patient care and transport services in the emergent and non-emergent setting for the injured and ill, in a way that exceeds the expectations of our customers and associates.
Our Values
Compassion - caring for others with patience, kindness, and understanding.
Quality - committing to excellence to be the very best in all we do.
Passion - providing care and service to all with whom we come in contact.
Accountability - taking ownership to achieve desired results.
Diversity - striving to create collaboration, cooperation, and productivity by appreciating unique skills and abilities, and treating others with respect.
Integrity - adhering to moral and ethical principles, soundness of character, honesty, and fairness.
Our History
We've been providing quality patient care since 1983


Todd Porter

Operation Chiefs

Neil Frame

Dan Schaefer

Deputy Chiefs of Operations

Lance Pollert

Joshua Davis

Field Supervisors/ Captains

Tyler Carson

Amy Mcgrath

 Kerry McCoy


Tony Reisenauer

Micharl Werner

Paul Peters

Colin Wiegel      

Jeff Haugen

Shane Weltikol  

Tanner Arthaud

Daniel Medalli

Chris Iverson

Elise Crider

Kyle Kaiser

Chis Iverson

Brooklyn Zenker 

Chris Taylor

Lacy Ripplinger

Mark Wetzstein

Darci Mitchum

Tiffany Cox

Kaitlin Hanson

Brian Renton   

Anthony Horne

Jenni Iverson
Courtney Williams
Ciara Archambeau 
Craig Comes 


Scott Nelson Tom Tkach
Jackie NelsonPedro Cossio 

Melissa Weltikol

Mike Werner

Roy Eisenbraun

Paul Harvala

Jeremy Kupfer

Pedro Cossio

Jennifer Murphy

Kylan Williams

Erik Kanz

Tyler Scott

Miranda Furchner 
Allison Wanner